About us

Dates & Facts…

2001 Established as a consultancy firm working together with production partners
2004 Start of our own production of tobacco products (cigarettes/fine cut) for retail chains
2006 Introduction of comprehensive quality management system
2007 Launch of our own brands: Skavenbeck (cigarette brand), Busman (fine cut), Marti Paseo (cigars) and Santa Lucia (cigars)
2011 Moved to new production site in Achern-Önsbach
2012 Expansion of the production site in Achern
2014 Launch of Montezuma brand
2015 New investment and expansion of production facilities
2016 Conversion / adjustment to TPD2 guidelines
2018 Start of the new flex bag production
Start of the new bucket / bag production
2019/20 Implementation of the EU Track & Trace system

About us

TMCC is a dynamic company that manufactures in Germany. As a reputable producer of tobacco products (fine cut/cigarettes), we offer first-class quality products that meet the high demands set by our customers and ourselves. Customer satisfaction is our goal. Due to long-term corporate partnerships we are able to enjoy mutual success.

Together we are strong

The necessary increase in capacity saw the company relocate to a new production facility in Achern-Önsbach in 2011. We are proud of our team of 45 employees whose know-how, professionalism and experience has allowed us to set a very high standard.

We can produce your brand/private label/contract production needs

In order to achieve consistent, top product quality we have to ensure that extreme care is taken in assessing the quality and selection of the blends. With regard to the individual production processes, TMCC puts its faith in the latest technology and long-term experience. Our portfolio spans from fine cut at the one end – we produce tins in all sizes and fine cut pouches in various weights – to cigarettes at the other. We shall be more than happy to assist you with the planning of a new brand, an existing brand or an extension to an existing product line.

Contact us at:
info@tmcc.info or by telephone on 0049 (7841) 50895-0

TMCC GmbH, with its production site and headquarters in Germany, has decided to assign the majority of its capacity to the trade. Own labels are an important part of the retail chains. Over the past 15 years, TMCC GmbH has made a name for itself as a specialist in contract production for tobacco products. On the customer’s behalf, TMCC GmbH produces in a reliable and flexible manor all types of tobacco products to the highest quality standards.

TMCC GmbH • Gewerbestr. 10 • 77855 Achern • Germany • Tel.: 0049 (7841) 50895-0 • Fax: 0049 (7841) 50895-55 • E-mail: info@tmcc.info